If You Do Not See SOL Data In Longitudinal Reporting

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  1. Virginia customers using PowerSchool’s Longitudinal Data System should see SOL data, where applicable, for all students in their school districts.
  2. State Summative data for Virginia customers is typically available the week after the test is taken
  3. District Liaisons will want to provide the PowerSchool Analytics Support team with very specific information about the missing data via Live Assist
    1. Is all SOL data missing in the district?
    2. Is data missing for specific students?
    3. Is data missing in specific subject areas or for specific years?
    4. Can you show the Support Engineer the data as it appears on your end via Live Assist?
  4. Once the Technical Support Team has the information needed, a case will be created so that the missing data can be investigated and a follow up communication will be sent upon resolution or when an explanation is available.


Associated protocol

  1. The district liaison or data admin should be reporting the missing SOL data
  2. Access to database where state summative results are housed may be required for troubleshooting
  3. SOL data typically syncs over weekends and new data from the week before will appear in Student Profiles and Report Builder on Monday.