How to assign the same test twice.

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How to assign the same test twice.


  1. Officially, you can not assign the exact same test twice to reserve data integrity. You can duplicate that exam and reassign the copy, or you can have a district administrator delete all student results for a test session.
  2. To duplicate an exam, navigate to “Assessment Library” in Assessment and locate your original exam.
  3. Click on “Exam Menu” after selecting your exam.
  4. Enter a new title, and make sure you have the appropriate exam category (folder) selected.
  5. Select the appropriate subject/subjects from the drop-down menu.
  6. Click “Duplicate”.




What is this and How does it relate to PowerSchool Assessment

  • There is no official way to assign the exact same test to a class twice, as this ensures results reporting will be accurate. Someone with administrative privileges can “Un-Grade” student exams, allowing for regrading and corrections.

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Any Additional Information

  • Any user with the ability to create an exam, can duplicate an exam!

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