Forward Only PowerTest

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PowerSchool Assessment offers a new feature known as Forward Only PowerTest. This feature modifies students’ PowerTest experience by removing the “Summary” and “Back” buttons from the bottom of the test window.

An exam may be flagged for Forward Only PowerTest administration in Assessment Library.

*Note: An exam must be in draft status to be flagged.

1. Click “Exam Menu.”
2. Select “Edit Exam Details” from the drop-down menu.
3. Check the box to the right of “Remove Back and Summary Buttons from Test,” as indicated by the arrow in the following image.

*Note: If “Remove Back and Summary Buttons from Test,” does not appear as an option in the Exam Details, the feature has not been activated for the district. Please contact a district liaison to request the activation of that feature.

An exam that has been flagged for Forward Only PowerTest looks similar to the assessment in the following image when viewed in PowerTest. Note that students are limited to the “Next” option when testing.

When administering exams using Forward Only PowerTest, it is important to remind students to take their time and answer each item thoroughly, as they are unable to return to missed items or review their answers before submitting the exam.