Flagging Analytics Benchmarks Best Practices

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Flagging Analytics Benchmarks is done by navigating to an exam in Assessment Library and clicking the Flag Analytics Benchmark button above the exam name. Use the filters in the pop-up window to navigate to the exam you would like to flag. Next, you will want to click the check mark to the right of the exam and select the dates inside which the exam results should be pulled into “Longitudinal Reporting.”


When and why is this feature used?

Flagging Benchmarks is used in Analytics to label exams as Benchmark data so that it can automatically appear in “Longitudinal Reporting” in the Benchmark category.


Associated protocol

  • Make sure there isn’t a duplicated exam or one that is similar (a copy, etc.). If there is, flag both as a Benchmark.
  • Ensure that the dates that are entered in the flagging window are for the entire period for which you would like any student exam results to transfer as benchmark data into “Longitudinal Reporting.”
  • A district can utilize a combination of flagging benchmarks in “Assessment Library” and importing non-PowerSchool benchmarks through “Data Import.”
  • After flagging, it is necessary to wait 24 hours before the data is present in “Longitudinal Reporting”. Changes in Analytics can take up to 24 hours to be seen.