Enabling Student Assessment Review

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When creating a test session or editing an administered test session, users may choose to allow a student’s test and answers to be reviewed. Test sessions may either be reviewed immediately following the submission of a completed test, or following grading.

*Note: This feature is not available for Quick Key assessments.

To enable Student Assessment Review for a given exam,

1. Navigate to “Testing Center.”
2. Select the “Subject” tab from the upper left side of the screen in “Testing Center.”
3. Select “Exam” for the exam that is to be administered. This will bring up a list of schools or teachers who are eligible to get the selected exam.
4. Select the name of the teacher from the drop-down list.
5. Select the class period.
6. Right-click on the appropriate class period and choose “New Test Session” from the drop-down list.
7. Name the test session and select the type of test.
8. Click the check box to the left of “Allow Review,” as indicated in the following image.
The “Review End Date” will default to 30 days from the current date. The “Review End Time” will default to 12:00am.


a. To change the “Review End Date,” click the calendar icon to the right, indicated in the following image, and select the desired date.


b. To change the “Review End Time,” click the drop-down to the right, indicated in the following image, and select the desired time.


9. Click “Create Test Session” to complete the creation of the test session.