Creating a Read Along Test Session

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1. Select “Testing Center” from the “Dashboard.”
2. Select the “Subject” and “Exam Type” from the respective drop-down menus.
3. Select the staff member from the list on the left then select an eligible course from the list below the staff member’s name.
4. Click “New Test Session,” indicated in the following image.

5. A “New Test Session” window appears. Click the drop-down labeled “Session Type,” indicated by a blue arrow in the following image, and select “PowerTest Read Along.”
6. Ensure the box labeled “Add all students to new Test Session” is unchecked, as indicated by the pink arrow.
7. Click “Create Test Session,” shown circled in yellow.


8. Click “Not Assigned:” at the bottom of the screen to see the list of students in the course.


9. There are two ways to add students to the PowerTest Read Along Session once the session has been created.

a. Students may be added individually by clicking the icon depicting an apple and addition symbol that appears to the right of his or her name. Hover over “Assign to” and click “PowerTest Read Along (PowerTest Read Along)” to add the student to the session.

b. All of the students may be added at once by clicking “Menu” and hovering over “Add all students to” in the drop-down menu. Select “PowerTest Read-Aloud (PowerTest Read Along)” to add all students assigned to the course to the selected test session.


Custom Read Along Groups detect the students who have previously been placed into PowerTest Read Along test sessions.

a. The next time a test session is created, a message will appear asking if the student(s) should be added to a “Read Along test session.”
b. Click “Yes” to have the student(s) added to the test session.