CogAT Graph View

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To access “CogAT” data,

  1. Select the “Other Scores” tab at the top of the “Student Snapshot” screen.
  2. Click the “CogAT” tab to the right of “WIDA,” shown circled in the following image.

CogAT data is displayed by graph and table.

The “Graph View” provides a basic overview of all assessment scores within the defined time frame.

Hover over a point on the graph to view the associated assessment data.


Filtering CogAT Data

To filter “CogAT” data by year, click the drop-down to the right of “Year” and select the desired school year from the drop-down menu.


Printing CogAT Data

To print “CogAT” data from the graph view, right-click on the table and select “Print…” from the drop-down menu.


Exporting CogAT Data

To export “CogAT” data, right-click on the table and select “Send to Excel” or “Export…” from the drop-down menu.