Building, Printing, and Exporting a Report

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  • Green filters indicate selected fields.
  • White filters indicate fields that contain potential data.
  • Gray filters indicate fields where data is not available.

1. Under “Select Columns” on the left, shown circled in blue in the following image, click to check the boxes of the column headers to be included in the report.

2. The “Watchlists” filter, indicated by a pink arrow, appears with a green heading. Click the drop-down menu and select a watchlist from the list to filter a report to include only the students on the selected watchlist.

*Note: When building a report that includes a watchlist, make the selection from the “Watchlists” filter prior to making selections from any other filters. If a watchlist is chosen after setting any other filters, those filter settings will be erased.

3. Each subsequent filter appears with blue headings. Selecting an option from each filter is not required, however, doing so will narrow the scope of data included in the report.

4. Selected options will appear with a green highlight.

5.  Selecting an option from a filter will highlight subsequent filter options according to the availability of data. Options containing potential data will be highlighted in white, as indicated by the yellow arrow in the following image. Options containing no potential data appear in gray, as indicated by the green arrow in the following image.

*Note: To select more than one option under a filter, click and hold “Ctrl” on the keyboard, then select each desired option.


6. Click the magnifying glass icon at the top of a filter, indicated by a blue arrow in the following image, to search within the filter.

7. Click the eraser icon at the top of the filter, indicated by a pink arrow in the following image, to clear any selections made within the filter.


8. After making all desired filter selections, click the “Click to View Your Report” button at the bottom of the screen, circled in the following image.


9. A report with the selected column headers and data will be generated.

a. To print the report, click the print icon indicated by a blue arrow in the following image.
b. To export the report to Excel, click the export icon, indicated by a pink arrow in the following image.