Advanced Report Builder

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 What is Advanced Report Builder?


Report Builder is a portion of Longitudinal Report that allows clients to create reports filtered by and containing a customizable number of identifiers. The Advanced function of Report builder allows clients to further refine their data by taking their original reports and using “Thresholds” to narrow down and compare the data.

To navigate to Advanced Report Builder, navigate to Reporting > Longitudinal Data, then choose the “Report Builder” tab. At that point, create a basic report, then choose “Advanced”.


When and why is this feature used?

Report Builder’s function is to create a report of all students who meet the set identification criteria. Further filtering within a range, or using a secondary filter is where you would want to use Advanced. Scenarios may include:

  • Build a Basic Report showing Math Grades for the entire district for 8th grades, then use Advanced to Add a threshold for students whose grade was between a 0 and a 60.
  • Build a Basic Report showing Science Grades for Gifted Females in 6th grade in the district, then use Advanced to show who scored below a certain threshold on their SOLs

When using Advanced report builder, there is a second feature for further refining of data. The “Join” has an And/Or function to allow further refining

  • Build a Basic Report showing students at a certain school within the district who have tardies, then use Advanced to filter those who have a failing English grade OR have a not-passing SOL score in Reading
  • Build a Basic Report showing grades for students who are on a watchlist and in a certain course, then use Advanced to filter those who have a failing History benchmark score AND have more than 10 absences


Additional information

For the Advanced filtering threshold, the same criteria cannot be chosen for both thresholds