Entering a Claim Ticket

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When a claim ticket is created for a user, an email will be sent with a link. Clicking this link will direct the user to a PowerSchool page to claim the ticket and be logged into the linked account. Once logged in, account information, such as the password, can be reset to the preferred information. To claim the ticket, please follow the information below:


1. Upon receiving the email, click the link.
2. A “Claim Ticket Entry” window will appear with the claim ticket number preloaded. Enter the captcha shown within the “Captcha” field.
3. Click “Next,” shown circled in the image below.




4. Enter a custom password within the “Password” and “Confirm Password” fields.
5. Click “Register,” shown circled in the image below.



6. Once logged-in, select the point of destination from the drop-down under the user’s name.