"GO TO..." TOOL: How to Search for Items/Exams/Resources

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"GO TO..." TOOL: How to Search for Items/Exams/Resources

  1. In Assessment Library, the “Go To...” button will appear at the top of the page.
  2. Click on the "Go To..." button and select the content type from the dropdown menu.
  3. Options will be "Item," "Resource," or "Exam." Select the appropriate content type
  4. Enter the ID number of the content type and click on the "Go To" button at the bottom of the window.
  5. The content type will be located on the left-hand side, highlighted in gray.





  • This feature is a fast, easy way to locate an item, resource, or exam in Assessment Library. 



  • To use the "Go To..." Tool, users must have the ID number of the content they are attempting to search for. The "Go To..."  Tool cannot use any other identifier to search for content. 
  • The value entered into the tool should not contain the content type indicator ("Q:" for items, "R:" for resources, and "E:" for exams). This indicator will be added to the beginning of each ID but should be removed when using the "Go To..." Tool. 
  • If an item, resource, or exam has been retired, and the ID number is entered in the "Go To ..." Tool, the system will still search for that content but will not display it unless the filters have been set to display retired content. For example, the exam folder in which a retired exam is located will open, but the retired exam itself will not display until the exam filter is changed to include retired exams.