Item Basics

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  1. From the “Dashboard,” select “Assessment Library.”
  2. Click the “Subject” drop-down menu to reveal a list of subject sub-folders.
  3. Select the desired “Subject” from the drop-down menu, indicated by a blue arrow in the following image (e.g., ENGL, ELA, HIST, SS, MATH, SCI).
  4. Select a course from the list below the selected subject to access the corresponding item bank.
  1. The selected subject, course, and associated standards for the course appear on the left side of the screen. The state course description and full-text of the standards are displayed on the right side of the screen for easy
  2. Click on a standard category, indicated by a blue arrow in the following image. Any associated indicators appear below the category, indicated by a pink arrow. If the standard includes no indicators, clicking the standard reveals the standard item bank, indicated by a green arrow.
    Clicking state standards, indicators, or items displays the selection on the right side of the screen for easy reference.


  1. Several icons appear to the right of items.


  •  The trapezoid indicates the Bloom’s Taxonomy Level assigned to the item. Click the trapezoid to view a description of each taxonomy level.
  •  The clipboard indicates that the item has been placed on another exam within the district.
  •  Blue Padlock: If an unused and unreserved item is placed on a secure exam that item is considered secure (designated by an unbroken blue lock). Although the item was not reserved for secure testing, it became secure when added to the secure exam.
  •  Broken Blue Padlock: If an implicitly secure item is purposely placed on a non-secure exam that item is now considered to be implicitly secure, but compromised.   Such items are designated by a “broken” blue lock icon.
  • Red Padlock: An unused item may be explicitly reserved for secure testing purposed by right clicking an item and choosing “Reserve” from the context menu. An unbroken red lock appears meaning the item is reserved for secure testing and has not been compromised by exposure on a non-secure exam.
  • Broken Red Padlock: If an explicitly secure item (designated by an unbroken red lock icon) is purposely placed on a non-secure exam, the item is then considered to be explicitly reserved, but compromised.   Such items are designated by a “broken” red lock icon.
  • Dual Screen:: This icon allows the item to be viewed in full screen mode. When this icon is clicked, a new window opens showing the complete item  and answer choices.
8. There are three sources for items in every district’s database.
  • Items created by PowerSchool’s Content Department are indicated with this icon: PS-Items.png
  • Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) Released Test items are indicated with an icon that contains “SOL” followed by the year of the test. For example, a test from 2008 released SOL test is indicated with this icon: basic-item-maintenance4.png
*Note:  These items are not applicable to non-Virginia clients.
  • Items created by a district are indicated with an icon similar to the district that created the specific item.
*Note:  These items are not applicable to non-Virginia clients.

Every item is assigned an alpha-numerical item ID. Each item ID is unique and may be used to locate the item in the bank. Users may locate specific items by utilizing the “Go To…” feature. For more information, refer to the section titled  Locating Items/Resources/Exams.