Filtering Items

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Items may be filtered based on several criteria including item type, use on an exam, Bloom’s Taxonomy level, security, and status.


To filter “Items”:


1. From the “Dashboard,” select “Assessment Library.”
2. Select the appropriate “Subject” from the drop-down menu.
3. Open the item filter by clicking the “gear” icon to the right of “Items,” circled in blue in the image below.



Checking the box to the right of “Show Counts,” indicated with a pink arrow in the image above, will cause a green “Check Counts” icon to appear to the right of a standard or sub-category in the item bank on the left.




Click on the green “Check Counts” icon, indicated in the image above, to show the total item count for the selected standard or sub-category.




4. Make the appropriate selections from the drop-down menus.
*Note: To save the filter settings, check the box to the left of “Save as default,” indicated by an orange arrow. 
5. Click “Ok,” circled in yellow.