Creating A New Resource

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Creating a new Resource

  1. Select the Assessment Library tab from the Dashboard.
  2. Use the drop-down menu beside Subject to select the standard or indicator to which the new resource should be tied.
  3. Click the Resources accordion bar on the left.
  4. Click the blue folder icon,  , to view the sub-folders.
    *Note: Sub-folder names vary based on the subject. 
  5. Right-click on the appropriate sub-folder and select New Resource from the drop-down menu.
  6. A new window appears with three tabs across the top. By default, the window opens to the Information tab.
  7. Enter the title of the resource in the field beside Title.
  8. Select the box beside Is Reserved if the resource should be secured for future use on secure exams.
  9. An additional field appears below Subjects if applicable to the related subject or grade level. This field allows for a reading level or readability score to be entered for the resource.
    *Note: This field is optional. 
  10. Select the Content tab to enter text or images for the new resource.

The Item Writing Tools are available to modify text and upload images. 

Paged Passages allow text to be extended to multiple pages. An error message appears if the text exceeds the amount of space allowed. 

    • To add a page for additional text, click on the green "plus sign" icon, indicated by a blue arrow in the image below.
    • To delete a page, click the red "X" icon, indicated by a pink arrow.

*Note: Using the Number Lines tool for each page automatically allows line numbering to continue from the previous page. 

The number of pages created and the current page the client is editing are indicated at the bottom of the Resource Editor window.

  1. Click Create to save the new resource.
  2. Once created, the new resource title appears under the assigned folder on the left. The resource appears in the summary view on the right under Details.
  3. Items may be added to the resource by right-clicking on the resource title on the left side of the screen or clicking on the menu button on the right side and selecting New Item.


What is this and how does it relate to PowerSchool Assessment

  • Resources are passages, graphs, charts, tables, etc. that stents will use to answer questions tied to the resource.

Associated Protocol

  • Any user with Exam Edit permissions can create a new resource.

Any Additional Information

  • PowerSchool does not police resources for copyright violations.