Adding Multiple Items to an Exam

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1. From the “Dashboard,” select “Assessment Library.”
2. Select the appropriate subject from the “Subject” drop-down menu.
3. Click the “Exams” accordion bar and select the appropriate exam from the list. The exam opens on the right side of the window.
4. Click the “Items” accordion bar.
5. Right-click on the appropriate standard or indicator.

From here, there are three ways to simultaneously add multiple items to the exam.

6. Select one of the following options from the drop-down menu:


a. “Add Random Items To Exam
A window appears indicating the number of items available to be added to the exam from the selected standard or indicator. Enter the desired “Number of Items to Add” and click “Add”.


b. “Add/Remove Exam Items
A window opens containing a list of all items assigned to the selected standard or indicator with a column of boxes on the left.

To view the items, click on the [+] box, indicated with a blue arrow. Place a check in the boxes beside items to add to the exam, indicated with a pink arrow. Likewise, a user may remove an item by unchecking the box.

Once the appropriate selections are made, click “Close” in the bottom-right corner, circled in yellow.


c. “Review Items
A window opens allowing each item to be viewed individually. Click the check box, indicated by a blue arrow in the following image, to add the item to the exam. Items may be removed from the exam by unchecking the box. After making the appropriate selections, click “Close,” shown circled in pink.

*Note: When adding random items to an exam, the items are placed under the last section of the test. Items may be moved to another section or placed in a different order.