Adding An Image To An Item in 'Assessment Library'

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Adding a Figure to an item in Assessment Library


To add an image to an item field in Assessment Library:

  1. Click the Figure icon.
  2. Click the Add/Upload Image button.
  3. Select the saved image to be uploaded. Click Open. The figure number appears in the Figures box.
    *Note: If more than one image is uploaded for an item, the figure number is based on the order in which each figure was uploaded.
  4. To remove a figure, select the corresponding figure number from the Figures box and click Delete Image.
  5. To insert an uploaded image, click on the corresponding figure number on the left and click Insert Image.
  6. After entering all text and figures, click Create. The item appears in the Item bank on the left side of the screen in draft status and is displayed on the right side of the screen.

When images are added to answer option fields for Hot Spot items, the image size may be adjusted by clicking, holding and dragging the blue slider bar left or right, as indicated in the following image. 

*Note: If "[Figure 1]," or a similar numbered HTML tag, appears where an image should, this indicates that the image did not successfully upload. The image needs to be uploaded again and correctly entered in the necessary field.

What is this and How does it relate to PowerSchool Assessment
  • Figures are added to items for labeling, as a reference, etc. 


Any Additional Information

When uploading figures, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, and .png file extensions may be used.

  • Images may be added to Stems and Options when creating Multiple Choice and Hot Spot items.
  • Images may be added to StemsPrefixesSuffixes and Options when creating Fill in the Blank items.
  • Images may be added to Stems, the Action Area, and Draggers when creating "Drag and Drop" items.
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