VIRGINIA ONLY Analytics Data Integration Package Update

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If you are currently using the VIRGINA ONLY ANALYTICS Data Integration Package to send attendance, grades, and discipline exports to PowerSchool Analytics, then you may need to alter the current configuration in your SIS.


Please reconfigure your SFTP connection address to before February 22, 2019. Doing so will allow uninterrupted SFTP functionality before and after the migration. Once the migration is completed, the SFTP service will only respond to requests with the new address. If you require assistance to perform this task, please do not hesitate to contact the PowerSchool Support team before February 22, 2019.




For PowerSchool SIS Users:


  1. Navigate to System > System Settings > Plugin Management Configuration > Remote Connection Manager
  2. Select the Remote Connection Manager under 'Function'
  3. Select the Analytics SFTP connection under  'Name'
  4. Change the Host field to
  5. Leave the Port field as 22
  6. Leave credentials as is
  7. Click Test Connection
  8. Click Yes, Accept Host Key
  9. Ensure Allow upload is checked
  10. Click Submit