Transferring Student Test Scores

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What is this and How does it relate to PowerSchool Assessment


  • If a student has been moved from a class that they have already tested in, for the new teacher to see the student’s previous test scores, you would want their exam score to be moved

Associated Protocol


  • Any student’s scores that needs to be moved would need to come from a Key Decision Maker, or a teacher if they are the teacher of the student in both the Dropped and the Current course. You would want to provide the exam name and the desired location for the class to be moved to.

Any Additional Information


  • The student cannot be assigned to the test in the new class and have the test score moved. You would want to remove the student by clicking the X on their record in Testing Center
  • When a student has a schedule change, scores of completed tests in the original class do not automatically move. 

    • For example:  If John Doe had English 4 (and completed exams) with Ms. Smith but was then switched to the same course with Mr. Jones, his scores won’t be transferred until a designated District Liaison requests they be moved (and this is done manually by the A&A Support Team.)

    • Scores are not automatically moved because:

      • Many districts prefer for students to re-take the tests to the new teacher and do not want the first set of scores to follow the student

      • Scores in A&A are organized by standard, exam, course, teacher, then student.

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