Permission Customization forms

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Permission Customization forms

Version A – For Permissions NOT Dependent on Staff Having Courses

Version B -  For Permissions Dependent on Staff Having Courses

What is this and How does it relate to PowerSchool Assessment

  • Staff/permission groups are created to each district’s specifications. When a district wishes to add a new group or edit an existing group, the applicable form (from the 2 attached) needs to be completed and returned via email.

Associated Protocol

  • Only Liaisons can request changes to staff/permission groups

Associated Communication/Suggested Responses

  • To make changes to an existing group or to create a new group, a Liaison will need to complete the customization form and return it to us via email. Once we receive the completed form, it will be sent to the Account Maintenance Team.  That team will send an email once the edits are complete.