If you imported data through Data Import module but is not appearing in Longitudinal Reporting

Data within files uploaded through the “Data Import” module should appear in “Longitudinal Reporting” within 24 hours. 


Associated protocol

To troubleshoot data not appearing in LDS after being imported in Data Import.

  1. Check the time the file was imported. It takes up to 24 hours after a file is uploaded for data to appear in LDS.
  2. Check the file status in “Data Import.” If the status is Unidentified file, that means that our system could not identify what type of file was imported (See Data Upload Instructions)
  3. Check the Data Upload Instructions located in Data Import. Compare the imported file to the provided templates or specific criteria listed in the instructions.
  4. NWEA MAP and PALs files should be the raw data files acquired directly from the testing vendor.
  5. All records imported should contain the State Testing Identifier.
  6. If all troubleshooting steps have been performed and there is no explanation for missing data, please contact Technical Support via Live Assist to report your issue.


Associated communication / canned responses

To access the Data Import Instructions and templates, navigate to “Admin” on the dashboard, and select “Data Import” from the dropdown.  Select “Click here to download data file templates.”