Creating a New Test Session via Classroom Manager

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* Note: The exam must be approved before it can be administered to a class.


1. Click the “Staff” tab from the left side of the screen in “Classroom Manager.”
2. Select the staff member from the list below whose course is being assigned a new test session. 



3. Click the “New Test Session” button to the right of the appropriate course located under “Schedule” on the right.



4. A new window opens prompting the user to select the exam. The exam list may be narrowed using the Subject and Exam Category drop-down menus, indicated by blue arrows in the following image. Alternately, the exam name may be entered in the Search field, indicated by a pink arrow.

5. Double-click the desired exam or select the exam and click “Select.”



6. The New Test Session window appears prompting the user to customize the test session.
a. Select a “Session Type” from the drop-down menu.
b. The “Session Name” will default to the Session Type (i.e. PowerTest, PowerTest Read Along, or Paper Pencil). Enter a customized session name or leave the default.
c. Select any randomizing options to include in the test session.
d. For added security, enter a “Download Password” and “Submit Password.” (These passwords are explained in detail in the following section.)
e. Select the “Show students their test scores” box to allow students to view their scores upon submission.
f. To allow students to review their answers, check the box to the left of “Allow Review.”
i. The “Review End Date” defaults to 30 days from the present date. Click the calendar if a different end date is preferred.
ii. The “Review End Time” defaults to midnight on the selected date. Use the drop-down menu if a different end time is preferred.
g. The “Add all students to new Test Session” box is selected by default. This automatically places all students assigned to a specific class in the test session. Uncheck the box to create a test session for individual students.
h. Click “Create Test Session” once all preferences have been entered.



*Note: A student may only be assigned to one test session per exam. If a student needs to be added to a new test session, make sure the student has first been deleted from the original session. For instructions regarding removing a student from a test session, please see the section titled “Deleting a Student from a Test Session”.