Central Office vs District Level User Accounts

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Central Office vs District Level User Accounts

  • When viewing a staff member in Classroom Manager, you will be able to view that staff members assigned location. The location of a staff member can affect the level of access associated with the user’s permissions. In most cases, “District” access would have a higher level than “School” access. To grant district level permissions to a user, be sure to create their account at the “District Level”.


  • “Central Office” is a common location associated with District Staff in a school district and can be mistaken for district access, even though “Central Office” is seen by PowerSchool Assessment as a “School” level location. This can often conflict with District wide permissions, so when creating a new account for a district staff member it is strongly recommended to choose the District as that users’ location. This will ensure they have the access they need!


What is this and How does it relate to PowerSchool Assessment

  • School Level access primarily grants access to information of student/staff at the given school location. A common example of this is the “Central Office” location which generally has no students and therefore would not show much data!

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