Back To School 2018-2019 Communication

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To ensure that your district is ready to PowerSchool Assessment and/or Analytics when school begins in the fall, Data Admins and Liaisons should review the information below and determine which members of your district team will complete each item. To guide this planning, we’ve designated which type of contact typically completes each process. Please feel free to contact us here at PowerSchool A&A Support over the summer for any questions you may have about these processes.


Claim Tickets and Registration Emails

Once your district has shared 2018-2019 data with PowerSchool A&A, our Support Team works to sync the new courses, staff, and students with your site. Any staff members who used the software last year will be able to access their new courses using their current username and password. New staff who need access Assessment and/or Analytics will first want to register their account and create a new password via claim ticket email. In the past, we have historically sent a mass batch of claim ticket emails upon receipt of these new accounts, though your preference can be altered by contacting Support.


Course Mapping

After the first sync of your 2018-2019 courses with PowerSchool Assessment, our Data Support team helps to smooth the transition into the new school year by mapping many of the courses you share to their respective state standards. After our initial pass wherein we map courses with a stated subject and grade level, any additional courses that need to be mapped can be addressed by anyone in your district with the Course Definition Edit permission using this documentation as a guide. Generally, teachers are able to map their own courses as needed, however, your district may have customized user permissions. If you are uncertain about who can map courses in your location, please contact Support with any questions you may have.