Assigning Multiple Subjects to a Course Definition

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*Note: Editing the course definition for a class modifies the subjects tied to all classes having that course definition.


A single course definition may be assigned to multiple subjects. This allows exams from multiple subjects or grade levels to be administered under a single class.

This feature proves especially useful in the instance of elementary homeroom courses. The common core subjects may be assigned to a single homeroom allowing for all exams to be administered under that course.


This feature also benefits teachers of advanced courses by giving them greater access to exams across multiple grade levels.


To assign a course to additional subjects:


1. Hover over “Admin” and select “Classroom Manager” from the drop-down menu.
2. Select the appropriate “Staff” account from the list on the left.
3. Under the “Schedule” accordion bar on the right, right-click the course that needs to be assigned to additional subjects.
4. Select “Edit” from the drop-down menu.




5. Click “Edit Course Definition.”



6. Click the drop-down beside “Subject(s),” indicated with a blue arrow in the following image.
7. Click the arrow to the left of “Current Standards,” indicated by the pink arrow, to expand the list of available subjects.





8. Select the additional necessary subjects from the drop-down menu, as indicated by the blue arrow in the following image.
9. Use the arrow in the center, shown circled in pink, to move the selection to the list of applied subjects on the right.
10. Click “Select,” Shown circled in yellow.
11. Click “Edit,” shown circled in green.