Adding Secondary Teachers

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Adding Secondary Teachers

  1. Navigate to Classroom Manager, and use the Teacher Tab to search for the Primary Teacher of the class you wish to add a secondary teacher to.
  2. Once the teacher account is up, open the, ‘Schedule,’ accordion, and locate the class section you wish to add the teacher to.
  3. Right Click on the class’ name (in blue text), and then select, ‘Edit.’ Alternatively, you can Left Click on the Course, and on the page that displays, you can click the blue, ‘Edit,’ button near top middle of the page. It is just under where it says, ‘Details.’ Either path will open the Edit Course Section pop-up window.
  4. From the pop up page, click the drop down arrow for, ‘Teacher(s).’ This will open a menu that looks similar to the Teacher tab.
  5. Find the teacher you wish to add to the class.
  6. Double Click on the teacher name, or Left Click, and then click the arrow icon facing rightward. This will add the teacher name to right hand column where the primary teacher is.
  7. Click the, ‘Select,’ button, and then the, ‘Edit,’ button on the original pop up window.

What is this and How does it relate to PowerSchool Assessment

  • Many districts employ secondary teachers or special education teachers who assist with assigning exams for an entire class, or for particular students in a class.
  • Adding them as a Secondary Teacher allows them to view results and assign exams for the student.
  • This grants the Secondary Teacher the Teacher staff group.

Associated Protocol

  • Classroom Manager permissions apply.
  • The Request can come from a Liaison, the teacher of the class section, or the secondary teacher if they have permissions to edit the course section.