What’s New in the Community: November and December 2019

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What’s New in the Community: November and December 2019

Community Moderator

The PowerSchool Community team sends our appreciation to all community members for their contributions within the community this year.  We are grateful and delighted with the interactions in 2019 and excited to watch our community continue to grow in 2020. 


Top Contributors for 2019 

These are the most active community members in 2019.  We are excited to see members assisting each other in the PowerSchool community. We appreciate your contribution and efforts in helping other members. 


Let’s give these members a round of applause! 


  1. DanM3 
  2. JeffG9 
  3. Vance 
  4. MrRogerS 
  5. AdamLarsen 
  6. Ranay 
  7. MDeFore 
  8. Mlongstaff 
  9. CindyM8 
  10. Mhopkins 

January Contest 

We are excited to begin 2020 with a contest to recognize and reward community members that help other members by contributing the most responses leading to a resolution in January. 


Activity in 2019 

Nearly 72,000 members created a community account in 2019 totaling over 200,000 community members going into 2020.  There have been more than 14,000 posts in discussion forums helping members with best practices and finding resolutions.  The PowerSchool team has published over 3,000 support and product update knowledge base articles. 


We have welcomed seven Moderators as well as a Knowledge Manager to help members as our community grows.  We encourage you to learn more about our Moderators and our Knowledge Manager, here. 


Enhancements in 2019 

There have been many enhancements to the PowerSchool community in 2019.  Details of articles have been added in the search results to improve efficiency when searching for information.  We have upgraded the subscription process to allow users to manage subscriptions at the top level as well as added labels to each knowledge base article for more precise notifications. 


In order to ensure we are providing the most up-to-date information in a customer-friendly format, we incorporated ratings for article helpfulness.  Customers can use the helpfulness rating to give a thumbs up letting us know an article was helpful or a thumbs down and a comment to alert us that an article should be reviewed. 


The new case form was updated so more information can be provided when a case is created.  With more information, the Support teams are able to begin researching all questions and issues immediately.  Along with the new case form update, the Manage Cases section was updated well.  Now, Designated Support Contacts can view and organize cases created throughout their Organization.  


Plans for 2020 

We will continue to add more features and innovations to improve our community in 2020. This will include updates to the case portal and refining the look and feel of the user interface. 


We look forward to customer interaction in discussion forums growing through 2020.  Discussion forums provide an area for members to start a conversation with PowerSchool and other community members regarding best practices and assistance with any issues.  Initiating conversations in discussion forums allows other users with similar questions to find helpful information.