What's New in our Community: September 2020

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What's New in our Community: September 2020

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We are thrilled to announce that our PowerSchool Community has been recognized as one of the Best Support Websites of 2020 by the Association of Support Professionals.   


The Association of Support Professionals researches best practices for providing customer support and assesses the strongest organizations and individuals leading the customer support industry. For the past 22 years, ASP has evaluated the support sites from around the world to determine the top contributors to the industry.   


PowerSchool is proud to have recently received this award with several other industry-leading callouts, including Best Achievement.   


We would like to thank both our PowerSchool team and our valued customers for the contributions to help us achieve this recognition. 








Top Contributors

Please help us congratulate our Top Contributors for the month of September!   


@DanM3 had the most replies leading to a resolution. Thank you, all, for your contributions to our Community in September! 



Contest Winners 

A big shout out to our September contest winners.  These users have dedicated their time and resources to help other Community members with questions, issues in a variety of PowerSchool products, and have been authored with the most Accepted Solutions for the month of September. 



image (108).pngOctober and November Contest 

The last few months were a busy Back to School season for our members. We had shared a few tips on using the tools within the PowerSchool Community for quick answers, resolutions, updated filter results, status page links, etc. 


For the October and November contest, we are asking members to share your experience with this Back to School season in this thread.  We would be delighted to know about your experiences, and we want to ensure we provide a great customer experience in the future. 






What’s New 






We are excited to share that we have a few upcoming updates we are planning for our PowerSchool Community, including our case portal, Community pages, and adding new featuresAs we add new features, we will have opportunities for engagement and beta testing.  If you are interested in beta testing or other activities, sign up for our Mentors program. If you are a Designated Support Contact and would like to test new features before they are released, you can share your information with us here or email mentors@powerschool.com.





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For more search tips, please see our article here




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Additionally, a new Add Emojis option is now available in forum posts and private messages within the new editor tool.  To learn more about the Editor tools, review the article on how to use the editor tools to compose a message.