What's New in our Community: September 2019

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What's New in our Community: September 2019

Community Moderator

September Challenge Winners! 

Please help us congratulate our September contest winners!  These members are the Community’s Top Contributors during the month of September by having the most replies leading to a resolution to other member posts in the Community.  The users have dedicated their time and resources to help other Community members with questions and issues in a variety of PowerSchool products. 


  • DanM3  
  • JeffG9  
  • Vance  
  • RogerS
  • MDeFore  


October Contest 

PowerSchool is dedicated to ensuring customers receive the most up-to-date process information.  We encourage users to share their feedback of knowledge base articles in the PowerSchool Community to allow PowerSchool to improve any articles and help other Community members to recognize articles that are the most helpful for other PowerSchool customers.   

In October, PowerSchool is awarding the Community members that share feedback for the greatest number of knowledge base articles in the PowerSchool Community. 


What’s New 


Subscriptions and Notifications 

We are excited to share a new feature that makes subscribing to pages in the Community simpler for all Community members.  Members can now subscribe to multiple boards within a Community page at one time as opposed to subscribing to each board at a time. 

When navigating to the page in the Community, you will want to choose the Options menu then select Subscribe.  You will be prompted to select the boards within the page in which you would like to subscribe.  The selection will default to have all boards within the pages marked. 




If you would like to subscribe to certain boards within the Community page instead of all pages, you can select the Partial option and choose the boards you would like to subscribe to receive notifications. 

subscribe 2.PNG



The Subscriptions and Notifications article has been updated to guide members through the new feature to subscribe to boards within the PowerSchool Community.  We encourage you to review the notifications settings that can be customized to each member. 


Knowledge Base Article Helpfulness Ratings 

The PowerSchool Community Team has taken another step towards acknowledging our user’s ratings for knowledge base articles and rewarding all users for their feedback.   We are introducing the Article Rating badge.  The badge will be visible to all Community members on your profile page.   

Handshake Badge.PNG



If you would like to learn more surrounding the process of rating knowledge base articles in the Community, we encourage you to review the resources within the PowerSchool Community that are listed below. 

Video: Helpfulness Ratings for Knowledge Base Articles 


Providing Helpfulness Ratings for Knowledge Base Articles in the PowerSchool Community