What's New in our Community: July 2019

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What's New in our Community: July 2019

Community Moderator

July Challenge Winners! 

Let’s congratulate our July winners!  These members are the Community’s Top Contributors during the month of July by having the most replies leading to a resolution to other member posts in the Community. 


  • Vance 
  • DanM3 
  • Ranay 
  • RogerS 


August Contest 

As our members are preparing for the 2019-2020 school year, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share your best back to school tips with other Community members in the Community forum, August Challenge- Best Back to School Tips  


Let's help each other to have a successful year!!  

What’s New 


Case Portal Update 

PowerSchool has updated the manage cases feature within the Community case portal for Designated Support Contacts.  New columns have been added to the case portal to provide more information for each case.  Cases can be sorted by the last modified date, priority, product, account, and the PowerSchool employee working with the case.  The updates also allow Designated Support Contacts to search cases by the case ID and title.    


Please review the details of the case portal updates in the Manage Cases article. 


Technical Contact Community Webinar 

The PowerSchool Community is hosting a Community webinar every week to walk through best practices and tips in the Community as well as the most recent updates for Designated Support Contacts.  We recommend reviewing the details of the Community webinar for Designated Support Contacts, here. 

The Community Team has added an article to help users get started in the PowerSchool Community as a Designated Support Contact (Technical Contact).  We encourage Designated Support Contacts to review the article, Getting Started on PowerSchool Community for Designated Support Contacts (Technical Contacts).  


If you have trouble accessing any of these resources or have additional questions, please post in our Community Forum. 


Helpfulness Ratings for Knowledge Base Articles 


PowerSchool would like to hear if the knowledge base articles within the PowerSchool Community are helping customers.  We encourage all Community members to let us know if knowledge base articles are helpful.  Please review this article that will guide users through the steps to provide a helpfulness rating to articles.