What's New in our Community: January 2019

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What's New in our Community: January 2019

Community Manager



Each month we share updates about exciting updates in our PowerSchool Community. Last month we welcomed PeopleAdmin, Unified Talent (TalentEd), and Performance Matters customers to our Community. In 2019, there will be even more exciting updates, including more resources for all customers as we complete the migration from PowerSource to PowerSchool Community, more features in our Case Portal, a growing PowerSchool Community team to respond to your posts and more! 


New Faces!


JamieM joined our Community team this month. Jamie is experienced in several PowerSchool products and bring years of support expertise to the team. You will see Jamie sharing her helpful responses to your posts in the Community. We are happy to welcome Jamie to the team!


New Resources and Features!


We are continuing to grow our Community resources for all customers. If you are not a designated technical contact for your site, but you use one or more of our products, over the next couple of months you'll see more resources available for you. Stay tuned as we share more on these updates.


If you currently use our Case Portal, you'll this feature grow as well. We have had lots of feedback and requests to add on to this feature. As we add more options for you and your site, we'll share those updates through the Community.


We have started featuring articles that we feel will be timely and helpful for you. As we add these for each of your products, you'll see them on your product's page under 'This Week's Important Articles'.




If you have questions about any of these updates, please feel free to reach out through our Community Forum.




We welcome your feedback about our Community. If you have suggestions or ideas to share, please post them here.


Please note: If you have not signed up for our Community, please go to Sign In, then New User? Register here to create an account. If you already have an account that’s been set up for you, you’ll see a message letting you know. You can simply use  Forgot username and password? to select a new password and receive your unique username.