What's New in our Community: April 2019

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What's New in our Community: April 2019

Community Moderator

New Faces! 


We have a new Community Moderator.  AndrewH2 joined the Community Moderator team this month and is dedicated to ensuring you receive a solution for all your questions. You can learn more about Andy and the rest of our community team here. 


Accepted Solutions Contest Winners! 


The Community held a contest for the PowerSchool Community members with the most accepted solutions!  We’d like to recognize Vance, RogerS, and JeffG9 as the winners of the contest!  These three members helped more than 30 PowerSchool customers find solutions and best practices within a variety of PowerSchool products!  Thank you, VanceRogerS, and JeffG9 for your dedication to all PowerSchool customers!  These members will be receiving PowerSchool SWAG to show our appreciation! We encourage all users to continue building the PowerSchool Community! 


May Contest!


We all see the avatars that are set for us when our Community account is created and think what is this thing, right? Well, this is your time to change it!


The May contest for the Community will be to change your avatar and provide why you selected the avatar of your choice. You can update the avatar to a picture of you, your pet(s), a favorite vacation spot, anything except a current avatar that is available in the Community. To update your avatar, you will follow the steps below.


  1. Select your current avatar in the upper right corner of any page in the Community.
  2. Choose ‘My Settings’
  3. Select ‘Avatars’ then ‘Upload an Avatar’ under your current avatar picture.
  4. You will see the options to upload an image from your computer, your albums, or another site.

The first ten members that update their avatar and provide their reason for selecting that specific avatar will win some PowerSchool SWAG. Please post your response in the Community Forum under May Contest - Avatar Update.


What’s New 


This month we are preparing for back to school readiness.  We’ve updated the filter results menu and added the disruption status page, tags to PowerSchool SIS articles, and Support numbers for the new phone Support system launched this month. 


Back to School Readiness 


It’s never too early to start planning for the next school year. We want to make sure that you have the right PowerSchool SIS resources at your fingertips to help you close out this school year, transition to the next, and be ready for a successful start in 2019-2020! 

Please review the Back to School readiness checklists and video links for PowerSchool SIS. 


New Phone Support Experience


PowerSchool Support is launching a new phone Support experience this month.  Customers will be able to enter their Support ID to ensure they are connected to the correct Support team.  Find out more about the new phone support experience here. 


Tags Associated with Articles Added from PowerSource 


PowerSchool Support teams are working together to add PowerSource articles numbers to the articles that have been transferred from PowerSource to the Community.  This will allow users to locate a specific article by searching the article number in the search field. 

Add Tags.PNG



Filter Results  


We have updated the view of topics within each category.  The category topics will be listed in a drop-down menu to the right of the category page. 


Filter Results.png





If you have questions about any of these updates, please feel free to reach out through our Community Forum. 



We welcome your feedback about our Community. If you have suggestions or ideas to share, please post them here. 


Please note: If you have not signed up for our Community, please go to Sign In, then New User? Register here to create an account. If you already have an account that’s been set up for you, you’ll see a message letting you know. You can simply use  Forgot username and password? to select a new password and receive your unique username.