Community Manager

As an authorized technical contact from your school or district, you can create a new case and view your open and resolved cases through the Case Portal in PowerSchool Community.  


Please note: PowerSchool Learning and Unified Classroom customers should create a case using the help menu in those products. 


How to Create a New Case 




  1. Navigate to Contact Support >  Case Portal. 
  2. Select New Case 
  3. Enter a Subject
  4. Add the appropriate details to the message body
  5. Select your product 
  6. Indicate the priority level. See this article on priority levels.
  7. Add an attachment, if applicable
  8. Click Submit 


How to Manage your Cases  





  1. Navigate to the Case Portal. 
  2. Under Manage Cases, click on Case Portal 
  3. You'll find a tab for your Open and one for your Resolved Cases. If you don't see a case under Open, please navigate to the Resolved tab. If anything is missing or doesn't look quite right, please feel free to reach out to us through our Community Forum.
  4. You'll see your cases listed by Case ID, Status, Created Date, Last Modified Date, Priority, and more.  
  5. Click on the case to see the details and add comments as needed. 

At this time our Case Portal will display your individual cases. For your site-wide cases, you can continue to use the Case Portal in PowerSource. We'll be sure to share updates as we continue to grow the features and functionality of our Community Case Portal.


If you are an authorized technical contact but are having trouble accessing the case portal, please send a message to any of our team members using the envelope icon on top of the page. We'll be happy to help with your account.