Community Manager

We have received some questions about the various Forums we have available in our PowerSchool Community and how to access them. This article will provide a list of available forums plus tips on notifications to stay current on new posts and announcements.


We have several forums based on our PowerSchool products. You can navigate to these forums by going to Product Support in the top menu and selecting your product from the list. On the page for each of our products, you'll see a Knowledge Base and a link to a Forum on the right-hand side. 
























To make it easier to post, we have added a Start a Discussion option right on the Home page of our Community. This allows you to log in and post from our main page without navigating through the menu.
























We do recommend spending some time browsing the Forums that are relevant to you. Others may have posted topics that are relevant to you and we have already started sharing updates in our Forums as well. Here are quick links to our current Forums*:


You can bookmark the ones you use the most and subscribe by using Options > Subscribe to make sure you are getting notified on new content. You can adjust the frequency of these notifications under your Avatar > My Settings.


We have also created some general forums that are not product-specific:


  • Welcome & FAQs Forum: We have Community resources in this forum, our Guidelines and Terms, information about our team, a feedback area, and a post where you can introduce yourself to our Community. 
  • Community Forum: If you have access issues, general questions about our Community, have a topic that is not about one of our products, etc., this is the best forum to use.
  • Technical Contact Forum: If you are a technical contact from your school or district, you have a question about the Community, for other technical contacts, about being a technical contact, etc., this is a great forum to use. We'll also post some technical contact information for you here and also in our Technical Contact FAQs and Resources.


We hope this information is helpful. Please feel free to reach out if you have additional suggestions or feedback


*Please note: If you receive an access denied message when navigating to one or more of these forums, you may not have access to these products. If you feel you have received this message in error, please post in our Community Forum and we'll be happy to take a look.