PowerSchool Team

How to install the Bomgar Remote Support Browser Extension on a Chromebook:

Administrators can install apps and extensions on Chrome OS devices via the G Suite Admin dashboard. This is available to all G Suite Basic and Business / Education organizations.


  1. In your Chrome browser, log into the Google Admin Console at https://admin.google.com using your G Suite account.


  2. Click the Device Management icon and then click the Chrome Management link beneath the Device Settings heading.


  3. Go to User Settings.


  4. Under the Apps and Extensions heading, on the Force-installed Apps and Extensions setting, click the Manage force-installed apps link.


  5. Under Force-installed Apps and Locations, click Chrome Web Store.


  6. In the search bar, enter the extension id, ipfljipbjloahhabacnofonhfbddnajm, and press Enter


  7. After the Bomgar Remote Support web extension is found in the Chrome Web Store, click Add. Then click Save.


  8. Click Save again.


The extension has been added.

How to check to see if the Bomgar Remote Support Browser Extension has been added to Chrome:

In your Chrome browser, browse to chrome://extensions. If the extension has been installed, it will be displayed.title