Can't find what you are looking for? Here are some Search tips to help!

Community Manager

We want to make sure you find the resources you are looking for! Here are some tips to help.


When you enter a term in the Search bar, you'll see results from across our Community. Each item in the list includes a title plus the area where it's located with the specific product name in parentheses. 


Here is an example of what it looks like if you type in a search term such as Single Sign On:


Search_-_PowerSchool_Community 2.png






























You'll see that we have several articles on this topic and can select the one you are looking for.


Additionally, if you already know where the item is located, you can click on Location and filter for that specific area:
























 You can also, click on Advanced for additional ways to modify your search. Some suggestions you can try include:

  • Use quotes to search for an "exact phrase"
  • Use the + plus sign to search for one or more words
  • Use the - minus sign to exclude certain words from your search